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Dalein Plaasbou is the leaders in the design, manufacture and development of complete piggeries, intensive housing and equipment for the pork industry in Southern Africa for the more than 38 years.

The company was established in 1976 by Dalein Heyl, an Agricultural Engineer - head of pork production - for the South African Government. Mr. Heyl realized that there was a desperate need for a company that could assist farmers with the effective design of a piggery, as well as supplying them with housing and equipment that was designed for optimum production. Farmer's knowledge about housing and equipment was really limited and Mr. Heyl had a passion for pig farming and a natural instinct for design.

The company grew rapidly which led Mr. Heyl to establish the workshops and further develop his own piggery on the current site in 1983, where we still operate from and farm today.

Our involvement in the industry further led to the development of our sister companies:

Dalein Estates - 1000 Sow unit piggery
Dalein Voere - Commercial Feed mill
Dalein Agriplan - Manufacturers of Commercial Feed mills
Dalein Lazerpro - Commercial Lazercutting

Currently the group of companies employs +- 180 people and we hope to continue to play a positive role as partners in the development of farmers and the economy of our country.

Dalein Plaasbou is currently being managed and directed by Mr. Stephan Heyl, the eldest son and a qualified Agricultural Engineer. Mr. Stephan Heyl has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and development of housing and equipment for the pig industry and has been the companies managing director for more than 10 years.

Animal Housing and Equipment:

Pork production is as much a science as a farming activity. Every aspect of the animal's development has to be managed efficiently and monitored scientifically.

Dalein Plaasbou steel structures are designed to contribute to effective ventilation as well as temperature control. Improper ventilation or extreme temperatures will result in reduced growth, reduced profitability and can ultimately lead to death. These specialized structures are designed to be durable, cost effective and efficient in housing animals. A large variety of different structures offer the prospective farmer numerous lay-out options while maximum functionality is achieved.

Dalein Plaasbou's equipment are known for it's durability, functionality and effectiveness. Every piece of equipment is designed to be effective and practical to use. Designs are also continually evaluated, challenged and re-engineered to constantly improve production enhancement and cost effectiveness.

Steel structures and equipment are manufactured on our premises, while the latest plastic/pvc equipment are imported from leading European suppliers. Global suppliers include among others Rotecna, Exafan, Nedap, Paneltim, Monoflo, Suevia, Agritech and Cablevey.

Farmers thus have the advantage of dealing with a company that has in-depth knowledge and understanding of South-African conditions, while at the same time, having access to the latest and most innovative products on the global market.

Because we are farmers ourselves, we have a better understanding of the challenges and frustrations our clients face on a day to day basis. Our motto is therefore: "From the farmer, to the farmer", and this approach is carried through every facet of the business.

In the last thirty two years we have also been privileged to build numerous complete piggeries and pig-houses for private farmers, companies and as part of government projects.