Water-pump LEO APm60 220V


  • Transfer clean water and non-corrosive liquids with low viscosity.
  • It is applicable to Household water supply, equipment support, small air-conditioning system, pipe;line pressurization. 

Product Specifications

  • Cast iron parts with special anti-rust treatment
  • Copper insert inside as anti-block system.
  • Brass impeller.
  • AISI304.
  • Max. liquid temperatue:+60°C.
  • Max. suction:8m.
  • Max. Flow:90L/min
  • Max. Head:100m


  • Copper Windings.
  • Cold-rolled lamanation.
  • Built-in thermal protector
  • Insolation Class:F
  • Protection Class:IPX4
  • Max. Ambient temperatue:+40°C

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