Pigs achieve the best post weaning performance when fed little and often as they were with their mother. This advantage continues through the growing phase.

  • Increased water intake during the critical phase immediately post weaning.
  • High Feed Intake with best FCR
  • Freshly mixed wet feed for minimum feed wastage
  • Suitable for all feeds
  • Easy to use and clean
  • For up to 45 pigs from wean to 35 kg
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Product Specifications

  • Timed feed cycle responsive to pigs feeding behaviour
  • Motor driven, variable feed delivery
  • Feed level in trough controlled by contactless sensor
  • Variable Feeding Intervals
  • Positional control panel for easy viewing
  • Swivel Hopper with safety lock for thorough cleaning
  • Removable control head for washing
  • Removable trough for cleaning
  • Removable feed delivery auger for cleaning
  • Universal low voltage plug in power supply unit

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