Slurry Tanker


An easy-to-handle, versatile and economical slurry tanker

The GTi range of slurry tankers is ideal if you are looking for a low-volume, simple-to-use and functional machine.
With an integrated chassis-tank construction and a single axle these tankers offer impressive manoeuvrability.

The solution to all your requirements

With tank capacities from 8,500 to 24,000 litres, the GT range of slurry tankers offers attractive solutions in terms of pumping rate, spreading quality and ride comfort. Designed for perfect performance, this range makes slurry spreading simple and straightforward.

Easy to handle on all grounds

An effective slurry tanker must be easy to tow, comfortable to use and generate a minimal footprint.
To satisfy these requirements, JEANTIL offers a wide range of pneumatic tyres, running gears and miscellaneous tank equipments.

Performance and versatility adapted to the needs of each user

The various pumping devices available make pumping and filling possible in all situations. To reduce the time spent at the slurry pit, pumping accelerators and turbines boost the pumping capacity of a wide range of compressors.

High work rates combined with precision spreading

The ultimate objective is to obtain the maximum benefit from the slurry through high-quality spreading. In addition to the various spreading nozzles, the JEANTIL range comprises a wide selection of booms. The various widths ensure high work rates without compromising on the uniformity of the distribution.

Optimization of mechanization costs and reduction in amount of fertilizer needed

The slurry injector is essential for getting the most from your slurry. Injected directly under the roots, or under broken-up topsoil, the losses of ammonia are reduced to maximize the benefits of the spreading.

Equipment designed to provide solutions

With a view to optimizing your slurry tanker’s performance, Jeantil offers a large number of accessories. This equipment makes the machine more effective and easier to use.

Product Specifications

 Characteristics of the standard version GTi 4500 GTi 5500 GTi 6500 GTi 8500
Tank capacity (l)* 4220 5530 6840 8600
Max. admissible weight (kg)** 5765 7335 8795 11200
Unladen weight (kg) 1540 2060 1995 2520
Tank ∅ (mm) 1500 1500 1500 1600
Anti-surge baffle plate

1 1
Sight glass 1 1 1 2
Front valve take-off L L L L
Standard wheels 15x22,5 15x22,5 15x22,5 15x22,5
Dimentions for standard version
Tank length (mm) 2518 3268 4018 4556
Overall length (mm) 4450 5200 5950 6450
Overall width (mm) 2300 2300 2300 2300
Overall height (mm) 2650 2700 2700 2800

(*) Loss of volume due to recess

(**) The working load capacity on the road is for a machine fitted as standard, and reduces depending on the options selected

 Characteristics of the standard version GT 8500 GT 8500 Bogie GT 10500 GT 10500 Bogie GT 11500 GT 12500 GT 14000
Tank capacity (l)* 8803 8803 10292 10292 12242 12578 14082
Max. admissible weight (kg)** 14000 16000 15950 19000 15960 21000 24000
Unladen weight (kg) 3300 4000 3970 4820 4610 4680 6150
Tank ∅ (mm) 1600 1600 1600 1600 1800 1800 1800
Tank wall thickness (mm) 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Anti-surge baffle plate 1 1 1 2 1 2 2
Sight glass coumn coumn coumn coumn coumn coumn coumn
Front valve hole R and L R and L R and L R and L R and L R and L R and L
Standard wheels 16x22,5 15x22,5 18x22,5 15x22,5 30.5R32 16x22,5 18x22,5
Dimentions for standard version
Tank length (mm) 4550 4550 5300 5300 5190 5190 5790
Overall length (mm) 7090 7090 7990 7990 7640 7640 8240
Overall width (mm) 2370 2300 2370 2300 2550 2350 2370
Overall height (mm) 3100 3055 3100 3055 3530 3450 3530

(*) Loss of volume due to recess

(**) The working load capacity on the road is for a machine fitted as standard, and reduces depending on the options selected

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