Group Scales


Fully Galvanized Steel Scale for weighing of Weaner Groups

  • Four load cells place in two ridged support beams for accurate weighing
  • Splash-proof heavy duty weighing controller
  • Large format display  
  • Two gate design, allow for passage installation
  • Plastic flooring allow for easy cleaning
  • Fiber support beams for slats - No Rust 
  • Strong Build Galv. Steel Frame Partitions for long life

Product Specifications

Group Scale - Weaner 3.2 / 1.6
Slatted Length 3.200m / 1.600m
Slatted Width 1.200m / 1.200m
Slatted Height 750mm / 750mm (Partitions)
Max Weight 1250kg
Accuracy 0.1kg
No. of Animals 15-20 / 10-15 for weaners under 50kg

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