Electronic Sow Feeding


  • With group housing with the Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding system you do not bring the feed to the pig; the pig comes to the feed.
  • In the feeding station, sows can take the correct ration of feed at precisely the right moment: comfortably and safely.
  • This saves time and energy for you, whilst you utilise the feed in the most effective manner.
  • More live born piglets, fewer sows returning to heat and fewer leg problems remain aspects you can steer towards by ensuring good health.

Product Specifications

  • Available with mechanical or pneumatic entrance door
  • Available with trough shutter
  • Available with separation for each feeding station
  • Sow can leave the station without having to move backwards
  • Double exit door prevents entry through this door
  • Length and width adjustable to each type of pig
  • Standard station can be set up as a learning station (also for gilts)
  • Sidewall can be removed in 5 seconds without tools for access to the station
  • Top of the station is closed

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