Post Beam Basic


The Basic Post Beam is a support point that replaces the wall supports most profitable.

  • This support can be used for the two kind of supports: central and final. Increasing the number of supports we reduce the effort over the beams, being able to use shorter beams.
  • The Basic Post Beam can be used for long bearns or farrowing places, allowing the use of lower and cheaper profile.
  • Easy installation.
  • Settable in height once installed.
  • Without support walls.
  • Totally resistant against corrosion.
  • Clean, avoiding excrements in the corners.
  • Economic.

Product Specifications

Basic Post Beam

BPB 20 215-315
BPB 30 300-400
BPB 40 400-500
BPB 50 500-600
BPB 60 600-700

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